3 reasons why can’t you block out the sear with your sites

3 reasons why can’t you block out the sear with your sites

Imagine a situation where a potential customer enters a query and opens the search results in which only your sites are located!

Is it possible to do so?

No! and here are three reasons for this.

1. Cost of promotion:

To promote one site requires a lot of work on optimization, placement and writing of texts, guest posts, press releases and so on. If this is multiplied by ten, it will simply be a cosmic sum. Even if it is, given that the guarantees for the withdrawal of positions are absent in principle, it is obvious that the most reasonable investment is the waste of funds in one site. This will result in a much greater effect than spraying on a lot of sites with obviously worse quality.

2. Affiliate filter. 

Even if you allow the unthinkable – and you will really get ten sites for specific requests in the top 10, they will not live there for long. Because there is a so-called affiliate filter. These are the actions of search engines aimed at purging the issuance from sites belonging to the same owner. How do they do it? The check is performed on a number of parameters:

  • Hosting
  • CMS (engines) of the site
  • Whois data, who is the registrar, the time of registration
  • Site Topics
  • Address and company name, contact phone numbers
  • Server IP Addresses

And so on. If many parameters coincide, the main site remains in the issuance, and affiliates decrease in the search results (or are excluded at all). Of course, you can take all this into account, and spend diversification of all these parameters, but there will be other difficulties besides financial ones. How can I imagine that it is necessary to replenish and answer instead of three or thirty phone numbers, I feel uncomfortable.

3. Competitors.
In the field of advancement, you are not the only player, so even if the first two points somehow magically managed to pass, the result will also be very short-term. For the first places there is a struggle not only among your affiliates, but among hundreds and thousands of other sites. And they can not be removed from the search results (if you exclude criminal options, like hacking ftp and placing .htaccess with disallow).

Therefore, the idea of ​​promoting many of their satellites is flawed, and I recommend never taking it into account. Focus on the site, invest in it forces, time and money, and be in the top 100 requests, than one at a time, but on ten sites.