3 SEO whales, which should be considered for self website promotion

3 SEO whales, which should be considered for self website promotion


Not all car owners go to the service center for simple operations, like changing the air or the cabin filter. Many people prefer to do it themselves and this is understandable – you buy consumables yourself, you completely control what, where and how is done, there is a firm belief that you have not used a used product, a substandard part, and so on.

The SEO service is also a service, can it not be outsourced, but carried out independently?

Do you have a website and you want to make sales online?Some make an unforgivable mistake, sketching the basic list of products on the site, providing them with a meager description / image and specifying the phone. If a person has come to your store, he found the right product and the price suits him, then he can forgive minor sins, because otherwise he will have to stomp into a new store, and this time, costs for the road, and so on. And on the Internet Рclick the mouse and another site opens, where everything is decorated, signed and structured. There is a so-called rule of 5 seconds Рif in 5 seconds the user does not understand that he opened the page he needs, then he goes to the competing sites.


The first whale – the convenience of the site for users

It’s not as simple as it seems at first glance, that’s why many create their own sites on site designers and aggregator sites. Therefore, immediately after you have decided that the site is ready, completely go through the process from start to finish and answer the questions – do you understand what you are selling? Is it convenient to choose, compare, study the goods? Is it convenient to buy, whether it is necessary to make many fields when buying? Do orders reach the post office? If the answer is always positive and you are satisfied, then proceed to the next.


The second whale – website optimization

Despite the fashionable word “optimization”, it means a very simple thing – it’s technical serviceability of the site and compliance with standards. If you return to the automotive analogy, will your vehicle be inspected in terms of search engines? But behind seeming simplicity there is a lot of details, as well as in the car. There are serious moments like the engine, the running gear, and there is not much, such as adjusting the tuning of the dipped and driving lights.

All recommendations in this regard are listed in the guide for Google Webmasters, there are quite a few of them, some of them will need to understand some aspects of web technologies.


The third whale – traffic generation

The ultimate goal of website promotion is, of course, the realization of the site’s goals, the sale of services or goods, or the sale of an advertising space. To implement it, the website must be found and visited by Internet users.


Before making a purchase – the buyer came to the site from different sources. This is logical – very few people buy a mobile phone without first studying the phone reviews, reviews about the product itself, reviews about the store and so on. Therefore, due attention should be given to as many channels as possible, where your buyer may be present.

It is on these three pillars that the success of an independent website promotion is maintained: an attractive working site, technically optimized, with well-designed channels of visitor inflow.

The rest is all the particulars and subtleties of each of them.

Hence the simple conclusion – for self-promotion of sites, it takes quite a lot of time to study even the basic nuances of SEO and technical part.