4 compelling reasons for the email marketing effectiveness

4 compelling reasons for the email marketing effectiveness

Have you heard about email marketing? If so, you probably heard that the newsletter is gradually dying out because of the social. networks, instant messengers and other modern and trend communication channels. All these predictions are far from the truth, as email marketing continues to develop successfully and is named one of the 4 most effective marketing tools.

If you still consider email as an out-of-date promotion channel, you are missing out on a large part of the potential audience of your customers. To convince you we will help statistics, which emphasizes the true value of email marketing in the digital age.


  • The effectiveness of email marketing reaches 4400% ROI

Social networks have made users’ attention even more diffused and changeable. It is very easy to get distracted from one post to another, so it is important to remember the basic metrics of a successful marketing campaign. The most obvious of them is profit: then how effective marketing strategy attracts your target audience and turns it into money.

According to research, the average ROI of mailing reaches 4400% with a return of $ 44.25 for every dollar spent. Of course, a lot depends on the quality of the newsletter, whether the content is personalized and whether all the interests of the target audience are taken into account. And do not forget that more than 55% of users check mail on mobile devices, so optimize your newsletter correctly.

  • By the end of 2017, the number of active users will increase to 4.8 billion accounts

Of course, the high ROI does not mean anything, if with the channel you chose, you could not attract and save your target audience. That is why the promotion in social networks has been so popular for the past 7 years, because only Facebook has an audience of over 1.7 billion active users per month. With forecasts of 4.9 billion active email users, email distribution can more than compete. In 2013, the number of active users exceeded one billion and since then continues to grow. Most e-mail users consider it to be the main communication channel. Therefore, if you need to target a certain audience in your newsletter, the ever-growing audience of unique email users will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of promotion.

  • Users are more likely to contact brands via email

Studies show that in developed countries, the user on average contacts 11 brands per day by means of mailing. At the same time, Facebook users contact an average of 8 brands. This shows that users prefer to contact the brands via email, because there they can filter out all the information they need and exclude the untrusted brand if it does not seem interesting or useful to them. Obviously, email marketing strategy already needs to be planned for several years ahead, as one of the priority channels.

  • Email Marketing works best with promotions and offers

Best of all, the email list showed itself on the day of “Black Friday” in November 2016. 25.1% of all transactions that day were perfect through email. This statistics underscores the importance of email marketing as an effective channel for promoting and creating leads. With the ever growing audience of users that sign up to send out brands, it’s worth carefully building relationships with the first letters. This means creating content that will be of the greatest interest to the reader, involve him in a special event or discount, make him perform the targeted action. It is important to remember the preferences of your audience and create a newsletter based on their interests.

Email-marketing lives and thrives. You have 4 facts that email marketing will find you an audience and build a trusting relationship between the client and the brand.