5 Good Project Manager Qualities

5 Good Project Manager Qualities

A project manager is someone who always comes to your rescue. Which in the problem sees not a problem, but a challenge. Who got used to, that failure is his fault, and luck is the merit of the whole team.
Then we will talk about the five signs of a good project manager and if you were lucky enough to work with such people, then you can already consider yourself as a person with a high level of luck in life.


  • A good manager likes to interact with people.

Yes, this is perhaps the main feature for the manager. With communication, the project manager faces every day. A good manager will notice a trifle in changing the image of a team member, ask how his child feels after the illness, make a compliment to a new fragrance of perfume, or ask about the reason for a good / bad mood. A good manager is always attentive to the problems of clients, understands their workload and wants to facilitate their work. He is aware of all the sick places of the client and is trying to maintain his cheerfulness! The most important thing is that he does it from the heart, because he likes, because the success of the client is his success, the success of the team is his successes too. The project manager serves as a link between the clients and the project team, but you can also connect differently. Therefore, its task: to make this connection the strongest through interaction and communication.

  • A good manager always creates a positive attitude.

Everyone knows that a person can not always be in a good mood. The project manager is also a person๐Ÿ˜Š But he will never give his bad mood to the members of the team or client. He always understands the difficulty of the work of specialists, he always understands the workload of the customer and tries to make it so that communication with him became the good that day that could happen to a person.

  • A good project manager never forgets about praise and knows how to say “thank you”.

To thank a specialist for his work or to thank the client for having responded to your letter? Sounds weird. But it is necessary! To increase the importance of a person in his eyes is one of the secrets of success! We need to praise people for their achievements and say “thank you” for their work. Then they will try to do even more for you to feel their importance again! After all, a person needs so much for happiness!

  • A good project manager is able to recognize his mistakes.

Truth says that no one who does anything does not make mistakes. It’s true. Successful people in general like to replace the word “mistake” with “experience” and are absolutely right in this. Ideal people also make mistakes, they just recognize them, analyze and correct them. After all, the stain on clothes will not disappear if a person tries not to notice him and will convince himself that he looks “with a needle” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • A good manager knows that his strength is in the strength of his team.

You can be the smartest, hardworking, motivated managers in the whole world, but if your team does not cope, then there is no such universe in which you could be considered a good manager. The project manager constantly develops his team members and gets a sincere and unconcealed pleasure from how his team grows stronger and more experienced. From the outside it can look like the project manager throws the team difficult tasks and does not give a relaxed rhythm to spend a working day, but believe that at these moments he makes the team stronger! ๐Ÿ˜‰