5 signs that your site needs a redesign

5 signs that your site needs a redesign


Bad branding, logo and style at all

Style – this is what site visitors notice instantly. Before you read anything, the client will make a superficial assessment of who you are and what you do. The color palette should be modern and correspond to the trends, usually it is dominated by two primary colors. Fonts are stylish, but not pretentious, so it was easy to read. The essence of your site should be simple and understandable, once you get to the site. The style should not be conspicuous and make life difficult for the user.


Complex menu

Previously, sites were like books and newspapers – all on blocks and tablets. Now the sites are much nicer, with simple and intuitive navigation. Also remember that a large percentage of users visit the site through a smartphone or tablet. Your site must be adaptive so that it can easily be viewed on different devices.


Lack of empty space

The old sites were full of information and even a little cluttered. When you fill a page with various content, you overload the visitor of the site and he can surrender and leave. The most important information about you or your product should be at the top of the main page to let the reader understand what your company is. Some people want to put everything on their homepage. Forget about this. This is tantamount to the fact that if the clothes store folded all the women’s, men’s, children’s and what else they had clothes at the entrance.


Difficult to use

Sites with complex navigation require great patience with the visitor. And now Internet users are particularly impatient. The well-known fact is that if your site is loaded even 2 seconds longer, you will lose customers. And if still your visitors need to look for useful information, they will definitely not be happy. Be especially reasonable and careful with video, animation and pop-up banners on the main page. Your customers can already leave while they are uploaded.


Obsolete code or browser incompatibility

Sites that were created several years ago may not function correctly on modern devices. There are such errors as unfinished borders, text overlapping pictures, icons that work incorrectly, etc. This occurs because of incorrect code or insufficient testing in different browsers. Remember that your site should work perfectly on all devices, platforms and browsers. Make sure that the developers took into account all these points.