8 important tips while online store creating

8 important tips while online store creating

Business is changing so rapidly that competition is becoming very tough and you need to be able to quickly find ways to keep profitability, while trade is rapidly going online.

The struggle for the buyer is exacerbated every day and soon, only designed correctly according to the requirements of the buyer, the sites will bring the conversion. The rest will remain overboard. In the past, when the html with the phone was hastily built, and the template free engine with three photos will make you sales.

But even the longest path begins with the first step.

1. Good web design

Probably, this is the expected point, but in fact it is very important. Since to create a convenient and beautiful online store you need to spend money, either on the salary of a web designer, or on package services of a development studio, or on the same paid template, many are neglected – they say I have good prices and goods, and so on!

Yes, it’s true, the design only deals with the visual design, not the presentation and quality of information about the product, but without it you can have the best prices, the highest quality goods, the fastest and most convenient service, and at the same time do not sell anything. As it’s not sad, but if the site looks bad, outdated and inconvenient for the user, now your business is doomed. We need a beautiful showcase. You need a website from which you yourself would like something to buy and order.

2. About us page and contact information

Create a website and post products is the beginning. But if the buyer finds what he needs, and at the same time only the mobile phone is listed on the site and nothing else, the segment of goods that can be bought under such circumstances is greatly narrowed. Who, for example, will pay 500-600 dollars for a video card, despite the fact that in the case of a guarantee there are no coordinates, except for a phone that can change the case of one minute?

You need to write in detail who you are, how long ago in the subject, the coordinates of the office or store, the driving directions, e-mail and social media data. And access to this page should be on any page, as well as contact information.

3. Section “Partners”

Until you have gained a reputation in the market, many will have greater doubts when buying on an unknown site, especially if it is a large check. You must show that you can be trusted. Therefore, it’s worth adding all the clients you already worked with, especially if you sell services, to the “Partners” or “Our Clients” section. They do not necessarily need to scale to Coca-Cola or Apple, but even small companies will add credibility to your enterprise.

The more partners you have, the better.

If it can be shown, for example, if you are engaged in repair of apartments or aerography of cars, then of course, these are examples of works.

4. Online Support

This really works for sales. Very often, because of the inability to quickly ask anything from the seller, the client closes the site. Ideally, this is live chat support, which works in 24/7/365 mode. If you do not have the resources to implement it (or maybe the product or service does not need it), nevertheless you still need to have a support service that helps people during working hours to answer all their questions.

Your buyers should know that they will not be abandoned after they make a purchase. In addition, a pop-up window with an invitation to contact right now with the consultant actually increases the conversion from the site.

5. Payment methods and money back guarantees

We have already discussed this many times. If the customer wants to pay for your goods, you need to give him any opportunity to do so. Yes, it may be inconvenient for you to use PayPal or you have another bank for processing payments, but these are your problems, not the potential client. If he is willing to pay, be so kind, make it quick and convenient for the widest circle of payers. It is very short-sighted to use only one method of payment, which is right for you, as a business owner.

A return guarantee is almost a 100% way to provoke buyer confidence. After all, you take all his doubts and risks on himself. And, believe me, this right is enjoyed by a very small percentage of buyers, if you certainly do sell a worthwhile product.

6. Social Media

It’s not just an additional promotion and source of sales to the site from social networks. It rather does not work like that. It is rather an auxiliary sales channel. When a user can quickly and quickly get information about a product, read your news making sure that you are not a dead site or company, read the feedback of other buyers, as well as your reaction and ways of resolving conflicts and problems. After all, almost always, when a person encounters an unknown company, he tries to find reviews and more information about the seller in order to avoid potential problems.

But do not forget about the really additional source of potential visitors to your site. Photos and reviews in Instagram, short notes on Twitter, reviews and news on Facebook can really bring sales.

Social media is one of the powerful tools for e-commerce, and one should not lose sight of them.

7. Frequently updated blog

AndĀ of course, talking about social networks, you can not fail to note the section with frequently updated content on your topic. First, it gives extra weight to the search engines, as all search engines love unique and new content. Secondly, it shows all your visitors that your site is not a dead blank, but real, with real news and live articles.

But the content of the blog should meet the requirements of the audience that you are attending. It is useless to talk about the latest mobile phones, if you are engaged in glazing balconies. Know your audience and make sure that the content meets their needs.

If it is really interesting, and dials its audience, it can also be used for different purposes – the announcement of shares, sales, as well as cooperation with other companies in the form of exchange of links and guest posts.

It is not superfluous to of course include comments in order to have possible feedback and allow visitors to communicate with each other.

8. SEO and adaptability

Well, the last tip, but definitely not on the importance. Optimization of the site and its adaptability. In all senses – both to users and to search engines. This means the right arrangement of controls and navigation, a mobile version that adapts to the resolution of any screen, at least a tablet, even a mobile phone, even a 55-inch TV.

Well, SEO optimization is needed to obtain search results in order to attract users to relevant key queries. This includes an incredible extensive list of both friendly url sites, and by tags, and by unique content.