8 secrets of conversion increasing

8 secrets of conversion increasing

When analyzing conversions, you can observe such a picture – users click the buy button, put the goods in their virtual basket and the process ends. And the difference sometimes reaches very serious values of the gap.

And this is a very unpleasant situation, because it took so many forces and means to attract a buyer so that he went through all the stages of selecting products in order to close the page at the final stage. But do not be scared at once, this is actually a widely known problem.

According to the site Baymard analyzed the statistics of 33 major online stores, the “abandoned basket” is an average of more than 68%. Amazingly yes? Of the 10 people who converted the basket, only three out of ten reach the payment process. But this indicator can be reduced, for this we list the main reasons why users interrupt the conversion.


1. Lack of mobile version or adaptive layout

There was a time when the presence of a mobile version just gave an advantage over competitors. Now, its absence is a direct threat to sales from the site, as a tremendous number of users began to make purchases from mobile devices.

The buying process should be as easy to go on both the computer and the mobile version. And, by the way, Google all promises to punish sites for the lack of a mobile version, so this is already a mandatory requirement for sites.


2. Clearance without registration

Of course, everyone wants to collect as much data as possible from the user, so that he can send a thematic dispatch to him, offer him a promotion, or another product that may suit him.

But this should be an option! You can not force a buyer to do what he, perhaps, does not want to do. It seems to be simple, but what a huge number of sites do not conduct a check without mandatory registration on the site, losing in fact a huge number of potential orders. If you are so anxious to register, suggest that you do it after completing the purchase process.

If the buyer does not want to enter a lot of data, he should have such an opportunity. This is your problem, how to process such applications.


3. A variety of payment options

It is foolish to lose customers only because you do not want to issue Webmoney withdrawal or to conduct acquiring of a site for payment by payment cards. Especially today it is done quite simply. If the visitor is willing to give you money for your goods, then you need to make this process as convenient as possible. There is a specific case where, after adding a payment method through Privat24, the number of interrupted conversions has dropped by almost three times.


4. Absence of extraneous stimuli

The process of registration of the purchase, when the visitor is already set up, must pass in the absence of pop-up windows, subscription invitations, flashing actions, and so on. It is all necessary to offer it before the purchase is made. Otherwise, “oh! but there is still some kind of product “, some kind of action, a point about payment and delivery, click, another, third, someone distracted from the computer, for now. And the flow of transitions from the basket for some reason does not go to confirm the purchase and the page “thank you”, but anywhere, but not there.

When the clearance process has gone, it should be quiet and calm as in the bank. Nothing comes up, does not blink, does not distract. Only what needs to be filled in and necessary for registration.


5. Validation of fields when filling in real time

This is a tremendously powerful stimulus when after filling in a multitude of fields when ordering and clicking on the send button, the user receives not the “Thank you for your purchase!” But the same page with the selection of fields for filling, only with the note “Enter phone in the format + 38XXXXX”. If the data in the forms are not preserved, that is, they need to be filled again – this is almost 100% rejection.

Fields should be checked for validity before submitting the form. This is a very important point.


6. Save the abandoned bin

Users throw the purchase process unfinished, it happens. But it could be for various reasons, why not send an e-mail that the goods are waiting for their owner. And if he suddenly re-opens the site, then his entire set of purchases here as here and waiting for clearance. It is convenient for the buyer and can bring you additional orders. Especially on all the most popular CMS e-commerce for a long time there are data plug-ins – their installation and configuration takes minutes.


7. No hidden costs

Nobody likes to pay in addition to the specified price. But if you expose additional costs, they should be clearly and clearly indicated at the very beginning of the clearance process.

If you only after entering all the fields have decided to add the line “Delivery” or “Packing” to the buyer, the “End purchase” button will not be pressed.


8. No extra fields

A big mistake is making a towel from the form for ordering. In this case, sometimes, an asterisk is marked that is mandatory and what is not. This is a sign of newcomers – if the field is optional it should not be at all.

Wherever it is possible to reduce, it is necessary to reduce. Surname Name Patronymic is one field of name. Region, City, Delivery address – this is also one field for the delivery address. Instead of checkboxes – drop-down list of delivery options and so on.


These are just the main points. Some indicate as a factor of increasing conversion – parsing the delivery address, when a visitor choosing a city, immediately gets a list of the nearest branches of the New Mail. Sometimes this is a simple implementation of the ssl certificate – the secure connection icon has a positive effect on the customer, especially in our troubled times of a lot of fraudulent sites. Experiment, measure and share your ways of reducing the value of the abandoned basket.