8 tricks to improve your blog

8 tricks to improve your blog

Want to get more traffic from your blog, but it’s hard for you to find the time to make a complete change in it. With a few tips – we will help you to improve the blog quickly enough. And teach you how to blog properly.


Make the title of the article more attractive

Even if you are strong at inventing an eye-catching title now, you probably have a few big posts in your archives in which you could use a better name.

Most readers get the first information about your posts by their name. A few small tweaks, such as adding an adjective, numbers or simply paraphrasing a name for better readability can give you a huge boost for traffic. Here is an example:

The old name: Use Twitter effectively

New name: Six clever tricks on Twitter to save time

A new name gets more attention, since it more easily describes the same record.


Link to other articles

This is one of the great ways to reduce the bounce rate and give your users additional information. You probably have several posts languishing in your archives, which hardly anyone will see. Spend two minutes to find matching records and link them together.

You can also link your new posts with your old articles. Perhaps you have gone into the topic much deeper, since for the first time you wrote about it, point your readers to the initial material.


Update pages

When did you last update the page? Most likely, like most bloggers, you did not touch it after you created it.

  • Search: Biographical information, new updates that have been mentioned, etc.
  • Information about your products and services – you can delete the old one and add a new one.
  • Links to the best posts – maybe there is already better.


Process comments

Spend a couple of minutes on a quick check of the questions that need a quick response or any spam that got past the filter.
Questions without answers and obvious spam in the comments will not create a good impression on the readers. They show that you do not care about your blog or that you have been away for a long time.

You can also disable the ability to comment posts if you do not have the time or ability to respond to them for a long time.


Add more detailed information in the contact page

Some bloggers placed the contact form only on the contacts page. This is not critical, but it can create a certain barrier for readers who might want to contact you in other ways. A good idea would be to add:

  • Your email address
  • Links to your profiles on social networks
  • Phone number or nickname in a popular instant messenger


Links to recommended additional materials

If you have been blogging for some time and you already have posts on other sites, have your own podcast or something like that on another resource – make sure that your new readers are aware of this, thanks to links to them.


Correct typos and misspellings

Typographical mistakes happen to every blogger, but they can create a bad impression. If your messages and pages are riddled with spelling mistakes, you will look less professional.

Carefully read your blog articles, starting with those that receive more traffic. If you notice a typo, correct it. If you are sure that your work is without typos, look at whether you can improve the image or video that were added to the recording.


Call to action

When you get to the end of the blog post, you can finish it easily and simply, but it’s a huge missed opportunity. Instead, you can include a “call to action” – an invitation for your reader to do something.

You can call them:

  • Leave a comment
  • Share a post on social networks
  • Read the relevant posts on your blog
  • Learn one of your products or services that are related to fasting
  • Or any other action that is good for you (and I hope, too).

Each of the tips can be implemented in just a few minutes – but this can significantly improve the quality of your resource.