Checklist for content creation: 7 easy steps

Checklist for content creation: 7 easy steps

Сontent creation is a whole art. It’s not enough just to choose a topic, sketch a couple of sentences and publish. Writing a quality text is a time-consuming process. We will help you write the perfect post step by step.

  • Start with the idea

Everything starts with an idea. Will it be abstract idea that needs to be specified, a keyword, a topic or a part of the title – you must have an idea, from which everything will begin.

Study the analytics of your site and find the query that you have above all and the lowest. There are ideas hidden: the first will help you understand the client’s wishes, and the second – will point errors. You can also write a key query in the Google search and it will offer you variants of the continuation of the phrase, which can turn into an idea.

  • Explore

You, most likely, know the scope of your business like your own fingers. But this does not mean that you have knowledge of all statistical data, facts, and that you no longer need to study and analyze. No matter how well do you sort out the topic, you still need to do some research before you start writing.

For example, copywriters write on different topics for different areas of business, so before they start writing about something they always do research on the topic. It is important to look for information on examined sites you can trust. Find the statistics that corresponds to the topic of your search and do not forget to save the link, because you will need to specify the source of the received data. Continue to explore the topic until you are sure that you are ready to write a full post.

  • Determine the direction of your content

Is it an informative post? Is it a long article or a short review of some news? Funny or serious? Could you imagine it in the form of an infographic or a video? Make sure that you clearly understand the message of your post and keep the idea in your head when you start writing.

  • Consider heading

On average, 80% of people will read the title and only 20% will read the post itself. This means that you need to come up with an catchy name that will force the reader to click on your post and read everything to the end (and even share it). Some copywriters create up to 30 different headlines for one single article, and then choose the best one.

  • Write

Use your post as a chance to tell your own story. Hook the person’s attention so that he would like to read more. Imagine yourself as a picky reader who asks many questions, trying to understand, and answer them throughout the writing of the text. Do not forget to divide the text into small blocks, adding subheadings to them. This is important because some users just browse the post in search of what will hook them. Be sure to sum up and write down the call to action, so that the reader can understand what he should do next.

  • Relax

It’s not a joke. You should get a little distracted and rest after you finish the text. This is necessary to ensure that your brain relaxes a bit and then can continue to work productively. When you return to editing the text, you may have a fresh look at the sentence, which is crookedly written or remember something useful and add it.

  • Read again and publish

If you have read the same text for a long time, you may not notice typos and tautologies. After having rested, go back to your article and read it out loud. This will help you to make sure that everything is in order and you have not allowed any grammatical errors.

Having completed all 7 points, you will definitely get the quality thoughtful content. And do not forget to pick up an illustration showing the essence of the written post.

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