FAQ! Do I need this page on the site?

FAQ! Do I need this page on the site?

For a quick answer to this question, it’s enough to place an order in your shop. Is it easy to do this? If there are the slightest questions in the process of selecting and processing the goods, they will be customers, and then – hello competitors.

When there is a section with frequently asked questions, this is a sign of a good tone for modern online stores. The answers will help visitors if they suddenly get stuck with the basket or if there is any doubt about the purchase. If you think that this does not concern you, answer the questions to yourself:

  • The site meets the visitor in a consistent, user-friendly design?
  • Are calls for actions on the website clearly marked (buy, order, issue, call)?
  • Are there many categories on the site, are they clearly marked, is it easy to navigate through them?
  • Is it clear to the visitor where to click, if he wants to find a specific product on the site?

But even if the answer to all questions is “yes”, there are always people who for the first time on the Internet, make their first purchase, or rarely use a computer in principle. Is it worth creating a single page with information in order not to lose it?

If you have a site for a while, then you most likely already have a list with questions that are asked most often. If you just created it, then the primary content is also not so difficult. Here are examples of the most common questions:

  • Do you offer free delivery of goods?
  • What are the return policy?
  • What are the payment options?

In the modern world, people value time the most. Make sure that your answers are accurate and very concise. If the page does not show where one question ends and another starts and instead of paragraphs with text markup a solid mess, then this makes reading FAQ a difficult task, and in sales it definitely will not help. If you are a beginner in web design, then check the execution of at least these items:

  • All questions are clearly highlighted
  • There are distances and paragraphs between questions
  • Easy-to-read font
  • The relevance of the content. All sites are updated, all businesses are developing and with time the information on the page may become outdated. Periodically check the relevance of responses and compliance with the current store policy. If you moved, and in the answer to the question “How to get to you?” You specify the route of the old address, this will lead to confusion.
  • Priority of response. It is important to post the most frequently asked questions at once to be immediately visible. Even if the question seems uncomfortable to you and you want to hide it lower, it is not recommended to do so.



Anna Ralova
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