How to choose a copywriter and make the correct technical task?

How to choose a copywriter and make the correct technical task?

In each article on SEO or SMM-promotion, you see the phrase “The quality of content above all!”. But who will tell you how to create good content?

One day a marketer or an Internet marketing agency manager will say: “We need a copywriter to write content.” To choose a performer it is necessary to understand: what is copywriting, what kinds it is, and how it differs from rewriting.

Copywriting – professional writing to order. The copywriter writes the text on the instructions of the customer, on a perfect different subject – from a love message to an instruction to a microwave oven. By the way, in order to get a quality text, it is necessary to write the task correctly.

In the process of writing, the copywriter looks for information, understands the customer’s theme (not to write nonsense), collects the materials necessary for the text.

A copywriter must be absolutely literate, punctual and, preferably, in love with the process of writing texts.

Like any professional, a copywriter can have a specialization. Let’s analyze the types of writing to order:


The formation of a positive opinion about the brand, company, individual person – this is about the image text. The main thing in this process – both the performer and the customer – is to meticulously verify each letter. Since only one incorrectly spoken word can adversely affect the image.

How does the copywriter’s image work? The author of the text thoroughly studies the object for which the text is written. Often, the copywriter at the initial stage of cooperation works together with the marketer and directly the head of the business, since it is these people who determine what eyes the client should look at the company or trademark.

The seller

It’s just incredible, I want to! It is this response that should receive the selling text from the site visitor. In this industry there are no huge articles, most often selling texts – not large in size, but require a lot of work. Each phrase should be reconciled, each sentence should carry a message, and the text should be interesting and readable.

How does the selling copywriter works. This type is the most expensive. Here copywriter need knowledge not only about the subject of writing, but also in the field of marketing and psychology.

LSI (latent semantic indexing) or, as it is often called – SEO-copywriting

In the text of the finished material, the copywriter implements the key queries provided by the SEO specialist. The finished text should be readable and not oversaturated with keys. The mastery of the copywriter is precisely in the introduction of keys without losing a beautiful readability.

How does the LSI copywriter work? It is from this area that copywriters begin to make money, not experience. Here the performer acts strictly according to the task, which was provided by a specialist.

And yes, we never tire of repeating – check the texts for uniqueness and academic nausea on special services.

Rewrite and differences from copywriting

Someone takes a rewrite for the kind of copywriting, but this is not entirely true. These two types differ both in the level of preparation of the author of the text, and in payment. Rewrite is paid much cheaper, but this does not mean that it is advisable to use it on your website. Figuratively speaking, copywriting is an author’s story, and a rewrite is a statement of perusal. In the technical task here is not the number of keys, but the text itself, which must be with 100% uniqueness. The re-writer has no right to the author’s vision, his task is to literally turn one text into a completely different one, but with the same theme, idea and meaning.

So, you have chosen the artist. The case for small – to draw up terms of reference.

Regardless of the type of copywriting or rewrite, it depends on your needs, technical task should include the following items:

  • Where will the author write an article? That is the final point of publication of the finished material.
  • Number of characters (usually indicated without a space – sbp)
  • The percentage of uniqueness of the article. Usually – not less than 95% and an indication of the resource by which we will check (for example, Advego)
  • Topic of the article
  • What issues need to be disclosed?
  • Special requirements. For example, specify the format in which you will accept the article. Write to the copywriter that the text should be divided into paragraphs, include lists, headings … Everything that can improve the reader’s perception of the article.
  • Plan of the article
  • Keyword list

Copywriters who have sufficient experience with customers also have their own terms of reference, which makes it easier for them to work. Take the time to compare the two technical tasks to develop one that is completely suitable for you and the performer.