How to stand out among other web-stores?

How to stand out among other web-stores?

For owners of retail online stores there is a problem how to stand out among such online stores, which is becoming more and more every day and attract a buyer to your site, convincing to make an order.
Below you can read a few small tips on how to increase the conversion of visitors to your site in buyers.

1. Free delivery of goods. Try adding a shipping cost to the price of the item. This can significantly increase the conversion, despite the fact that the prices for the goods will be slightly higher than the rest.

2. Online Assistant. Very often the speed of the answer to a given question has a decisive role in making a purchasing decision. We wrote about this already in the article about the main indicators of the Internet business. Therefore, the presence on the site of a live chat with a consultant who quickly and qualitatively responds to all the questions a user has, can significantly increase sales.

3. Effective order tracking. This is also very important. Make it easy for the buyer to track the status of the order and track the movement of the goods on delivery.

4. Recommended goods. Sometimes users are confused in a huge variety of assortment and it is difficult for them to make a choice. Therefore, it is possible to single out a group of the best-selling and tested goods in order to make it easy to make a choice, or at least begin to study the assortment from them. Ideally, show recommended products based on the history of views, that is, similar to those that could interest the buyer at first.
In this case, do not include in this group stale and useless goods. You can, of course, get rid of a couple of units of an objectionable product, but lose your reputation. In the Internet world, it can be fatal for your store.

5. Use a return policy. If the buyer will know that he can return the goods if he does not like it, or he will be defective, it will cause his confidence, and he will make a quick decision about buying. Under the law of Ukraine, the goods are subject to refund in the case of a buyer’s request within 14 days, but you can increase prices and extend this period, up to a full year. “You can return the goods within 365 days” – this clearly sounds to the buyer so that you are confident in the quality of your product and service.

6. Send out discount coupons on the customer base. This works not only because you offer a discount, it works just as it is much easier to sell an existing customer to a new one. He has already made a purchase in your store, he knows you and trusts, and here is also a good offer.

7. Gift wrapping. Such a trifle, but very often people buy goods as a gift, and offer to pack it in a beautiful wrapper and to enclose the greeting will save them from small efforts.

8. Social buttons on the site. If the buyer liked your site, he may want to share a link to it with friends in classmates, in contact or by mail. Do it so that he spent a minimum of effort for this, and was able to send the link in one click.

9. Extensive information about the product. If you have exhaustive reviews on your site, videos with anboxing, review, tests, as well as high-quality illustrations and photos, this immediately implies several things, first, a serious approach to selling the product, and secondly, that you know what you are selling and are responsible for your goods and you have nothing to hide, thirdly, the possibility of choosing, comparing and obtaining comprehensive information. This will necessarily increase the level of sales.

10. List of the best-selling goods. If the visitor is not familiar with the products you offer, then this list will help determine the choice.

11. Stay away from hidden charges. The best way to make sure that the buyer never returns to you, is to make him pay more than the price was indicated before buying on the site.

12. The mailing should be effective. If you make an advertising newsletter on the basis of your customers, then it should be interesting. Commodity of the day, promotions, discounts, novelties, but not “Come to us again”. Make your newsletter interesting, ideally – targeted (meaning that the content of the letter is formed on the basis of previous purchases or product views).

13. Provide support through social networks. Many users can ask a question about the product or warranty on your Facebook or Twitter page – and in case of quick and qualitative answers you will form a loyal audience to you and create a knowledge base for your future and potential customers.

14. Take care of the security of payment orders. Do not allow such total fiasco as in the recent case with one online store of intimate goods, which stored all of its orders in an open form on the server and allowed indexing them by the search engine Yandex. This is a terrible blow to your reputation and, in principle, for your business as a whole. People should be sure that their data is secure. If you use secure online payment services, then on the site there must be information about this.

15.Maximum remove the complexity of ordering. No extra fields, indicators that can be interpreted in two ways, a set of meaningless forms and polls. The order must pass as quickly and clearly as possible.

16. Competent support and guarantee service. Here you do not need to paint for a long time – at the time you receive money for the goods, by and large the sale is just beginning, and it ends only when the customer receives a high-quality service and guarantee, in case of any questions.

17. Offer different delivery options. The buyer must have a choice, and various delivery options. In some cases, the buyer may prefer cheaper shipping but longer in terms of time, another product is needed urgently and he is ready to pay more. The choice in any case should be.

18. Offer discounts for reviewing the purchase experience of your customers in social networks. Discount is a good reason to share a positive experience, and you will get an additional audience, as well as reference weight in the search engines.

19. Track and respond to all claims and comments instantly. This applies not only to letters sent to your direct mail, as well as the same forums and social networks, wherever there is mention of you. Track links to your site using the Google Alerts service.

20. Track broken orders. Your buyer should have a reason why he refused to buy in your store, collect such reasons and analyze them.

21. Offer a comparison service in your store. The buyer should be able to select several products and compare them in order to lean in favor of some of them. The comparison option is very important, as it allows you to clearly see the differences between products.

22. Track loyal customers. Offer special discounts and promotions to customers who return to you and make purchases repeatedly.

23. Offer referral bonuses. This can be a system of discounts, as well as a system of accumulative points or bonuses for each given buyer. And they must be tangible and concrete.

24. Enter an automatic reminder to buy. This can work if you have a consumable item, the purchase of which implies periodicity, for example, food, pet products, car oils, a reminder can be an automatic email or a call from your manager.

25. Open a forum for your customers’ community on your site. This can be very convenient when users have a common platform for communication on your products, they can ask questions, talk about problems and comments on goods. This is also a great source of feedback, which will help improve your work.

26. Keep track of the first customers, this can be a call after the purchase, specifying what was liked and what is not, or maybe an ordinary e-mail. Collect reviews from the first buyers, they will help you understand what problems your customers have with your products or when forming an order.

27. Ask people to leave feedback about your product on your site.

28. Offer ideas for a gift. If your product can be used as a gift, then offer a guide to choose a gift.

29. Guarantee a refund in the event of dissatisfaction with the purchase. But if you offer this service, strictly adhere to it.

30. Guarantee a low price. Offer compensation to the buyer, if he finds the price, somewhere below. This can reduce your profits from one product, but increase it on the total turnover, as it will attract buyers to buy from you.

31. Dispose of automatic replies to emails. When the buyer writes you a letter, he has a real question or problem. Therefore, he definitely wants to talk with a living person, and not with a robot who immediately answers “Thank you! Your letter is very important to us. ”

32. Send coupon codes to Customer Birthdays. It’s not hard to do if you are driving your customer base.

33. Provide an extensive database of information on your product. This can be a news blog about the subject of your products, the same reviews and so on. There may be a collection of background information, for example, if you sell tires, then it may be articles how to choose them, which ones are better, answers to the most common questions and so on.

34. If you use a policy of low prices, then show how many buyers save when buying from you.

35. Describe your competitive advantages. Why should the buyer tip the scales in your direction? This may be something specific to your product, for example if you sell mattresses, it can be a free orthopedic consultation. Make it easy to read and determined, because a statement that you have the best products and the lowest prices will not work.

36. Make the search on the site as quick and convenient as possible. You can have the largest assortment of products and do not sell anything, as it is impossible to find anything on your site. It should be a live search, a convenient navigation bar, selection filters, catalogs, navigators and so on. Make sure that on your site to find products faster and more convenient than competitors.