How to stay stylish or what awaits us in 2018?

How to stay stylish or what awaits us in 2018?

Web design now is so dynamic that fashionable and cool things today can be already old and boring tomorrow. That’s why following new trends and trying to always improve your design is very important.

Geometric shapes, circles, lines, and patterns

This trend appeared in 2016, gained popularity in 2017 and will continue to prevail in 2018. 2D design gained popularity and suffered only a few small changes.

By adding various decorative elements to the flat and material designs, picture layout is achieving beauty and integrity.

Bright colors and gradients

Bright colors are following the decorations. Again, flat and material designs perfectly match these juicy, catchy colors. Just take a look at how Instagram changed the whole corporate style this year. Everything, down to the buttons, icons, shapes and even the logo itself, acquired juicy gradients from several colors. So we can bravely say that this trend will live on!

Above all, don’t go too far with the juiciness and don’t make it look garish.   

Unique illustrations and graphics

This is my favorite. Here you can let yourself draw a lot more, and create more useful things than you could have imagined with stock images. This trend is just starting to take off and has a good potential to reveal itself in the future.

There are a couple of interesting directions in this trend and here they are:

Sketch art. The illustrations have conquered the polygraphy, just as the crafting theme conquered the business. So this direction will continue to develop.

Line art icons. As for simplicity and sophistication, this direction will have its demand in 2018.

Photo Content

Well, it’s not so simple as it seems at the first glance. Not cool: just take a stock image and paste it on your site. Cool: make unique photos with an emphasis on your service or product. And it’s foolish to abandon photos in the face of facts. More than 60% of users believe that photos are an important factor when purchasing products or services. Therefore, stores pay maximum attention to their photo content.

Yes, stocks still will be in demand, but it’s your individuality and special approach to photos that will allocate you among the competitors!



Animated objects have always been attracting us and will continue to attract our attention further on. And as you can see,  everything is animated now: logos, icons, transitions between states (material design).

Short background videos or high-quality GIFs, working cyclically, which in a matter of seconds tell us about the service or product: such thing can keep our attention for a long time. So, all this stuff jumps into 2018 as well.