Increasing the website usability

Increasing the website usability

Convenience of the website using is the most important criterion, from the point of view of conversion the visitors to buyers. We offer you some tips for improving the navigation convenience.


  • Mobile version

Despite the rapid development of smartphones and tablets, the resolution of most screens of mobile devices is less than resolution on computer monitors, so it is recommended to adapt the site for mobile platforms. Especially if your site contains many elements in comparison, choice, a lot of technical information, etc. If you do not know whether you come to your site from mobile devices or not, you can track this information in Google Analytics.

  • Site load time

If the hosting is bad, the pages are heavy, overloaded with huge images, scripts and poor layout, then the site viewing becomes a torment for the visitor and with a high probability it will close the site without waiting for the download. Especially if he looks at the site using an Internet package with payment for traffic or when viewing from a mobile phone.

The easiest way to determine the load time for a site is to track it in Google Analytics settings or use an external online service, such as

Optimal load time up to 10 seconds, the size of the main page up to 3 megabytes.

  • Convenient navigation on the website

Upon entering the site, the visitor should immediately understand what the site is trading, and be able to quickly jump to the desired section or go back. Pay proper attention to the creation of site indexes, links to basic information (such as FAQ, warranty, delivery, about the company and so on), navigation chains, and CNC links.

  • Absence of broken links and blank pages

Constantly check the site for the presence of blank pages, broken links and missing images.

A picture that is located on a foreign hosting can be deleted, because of this, a little that the user does not see it, and the server will also try to download it – thereby the page load time increasing.
Unfilled links categories, products or major sections, give out a beginner and immediately cause suspicion from the point of view of the potential buyer.

  • Availability of site search

There must be a search on the site! An exception can only be a site consisting of one page.

Ideally, this is a “live” search (hints when typing), as well as storing search queries for analysis. You can watch search queries, thereby analyzing what users are looking for, as well as what they were looking for and not found.

  • Presence of feedback

A visitor can visit your site during non-working hours, or on weekends, when he understands what to call and ask what he or she can not, in this regard, he must necessarily have the opportunity to ask a question about the product or service, leave a request for a callback, or forward any other question in the form of feedback. It must also be monitored and immediately responded.


These are a few basic tips to improve the convenience of your visitors. Of course, further work on the site on these items does not end, if you have a site selling products at retail, it is recommended to make a filter selection by characteristics, as well as a form of comparison of goods. If you have custom-made furniture, then there must be a form with an indication of the dimensions and calculation of the cost of manufacturing and so on.

Visit your site every day, try to buy or order services yourself, study what you do not like and always correct all the shortcomings and errors.