New and fresh site forever, some tips

New and fresh site forever, some tips

One of the important strategies for e-commerce is the constant maintenance of the site’s novelty, to show that something is constantly happening on it – it is “alive” and “fresh.”

And this includes not only a constant update of the product range.

Very often the owners of online stores pay scrupulous attention to all the details at the time of creation and launch of the site, then, after some time, making sure that all processes are well-functioning and working properly, they leave the site management directly dealing with trade, logistics and price formation.

Do not fall into this trap! There are many factors, such as seasonality, holidays, special events, when users can visit your site, and if they see the same picture, do not see any development, novelties, shares – this can scare them away.

Your site, if you have an online store, or another type of e-commerce, is the most important and main asset! Keep it constantly “alive” and “fresh”!

A few tips on how to achieve this.

  • Do cleaning on site once a week.

Go through all the pages of the site, especially for those where the content can change. Home, shopping cart, FAQ, revision should be done everywhere! Remove invalid shares, seasonal goods. Make sure there are no blank pages or deleted images. Make sure that all news is up-to-date. A huge misfortune of some sites that do not make such seemingly obvious things, is that they have a New Year action hanging on the main page, at the height of summer, or there is one single news story “We are open!”. Take away the sold goods, take away the goods that have gone out of fashion, or are not more positions in your range, update the price list. Remove comments that contain spam and ads. If you do not have time for this, designate a person who can do it.

  • Promote new products.

Consumers want new products. Make sure that you launch new products, and make sure that you state this on the site. Select categories that contain new products, add “New” icons to the description and photos, update the site banner. Move new items to the top of the category lists. Create news about new products.

  • Do the cyclicity of shares.

If you have daily, weekly or seasonal promotions, make sure they stand in rotation on a regular basis. If the buyer sees the same stock every day, he simply stops paying attention to it. Do not let the shares “become familiar”.

  • Experiment with the navigation chains.

Look at your site analytics and analyze clicks and page traffic. What do they click on most often? What do they pay absolutely no attention to? If you have such undervalued categories, move the links to them, highlight them in bold. Put a banner on them, slide left, right, up. If nothing helps, get rid of them! If people do not pay attention to it, then they do not need it!

  • Change the theme and design of the site.

Almost all modern platforms for Internet commerce support the styles and templates of the site. You can change the design for the season, such as winter, spring, summer, autumn. You can highlight certain events, such as football championship, olympiad, New Year, Christmas or Independence Day. It does not require a lot of money and investments – a simple background replacement already changes the face of the site!

  • Be aware of competitors.

Choose for yourself the top five competitors and track their stores, at least once a week. Tracking the dynamics of prices and the appearance of goods, you will be able to offer a unique offer on your site, such as a discount of 50 percent of the sale, or a better deal for the product of 2 to 1. Even if you do not immediately take any action, you must at least know about all the changes in the market and be ready to change prices, add stock, and make a unique offer.

  • Be aware of design trends.

Web design is constantly changing. Previously it was believed that the three-column site is optimal and the best. That navigation chains are not required. What a huge banner in the cap is something that will attract a lot of buyers. But everything changes! The speed of Internet access is changing, new standards of HTML and CSS are developing. Blinking banners were replaced by a slideshow, video reviews of products became very popular. Explore new possibilities! If you do not do this, your site may look obsolete or even ancient.

  • Add fresh content.

If you are blogging or a news page, add news on a regular basis. Add reviews! Be sure to respond quickly enough to comments and letters from users.

  • Track the warehouse.

Nothing irritates buyers more than a store in which most of the products contain a “not available” tag. Sometimes the goods are really quickly bought, and the rotation of the warehouse may change, but in most cases this is the ordinary laziness of the owner. If you know that some goods will not be available for more than a few days, hide them from the list.

  • Do a full redesign of the site every 3-5 years.

As noted above, everything is changing, everything is developing. Functionality of online stores including. The site can not look competitive compared to the rest if it is made five years ago.



There are many ways to keep your site fresh. Most of them are easy to implement. Take time and money for this!