Penalty recovery service

Penalty recovery service provided by our company will allow you to get rid of any sanctions of the search engines and you will be able to return to the race for the top rankings.

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Experienced team

We’ve been working on the SEO market since 2008. We have experience in almost all niches and our first class experts are ready to recover your website after any search engine penalization and gain its trust back.

Predictable cost

With our penalty recovery services you will always know how much you should pay for the recovery. We have very clear pricing so you can be sure – your money works for your project.

Guaranteed results

The only one goal we pursue is your clean Google search console. We do everything to remove bad and spam backlinks to your website. We guarantee that your website will be recovered, if not – we will return your money.

Detailed reporting

You will be always in the know what we do with your website. At the end of each month we provide detailed reports with the list of the works we have conducted.


The most critical report of penalty recovery service is a clear Google Search Console that will show you that your website is penalty-free.

We will also provide you with the details during the whole penalty recovery process; you will get the timeline list of works that were conducted for your projects, so you will always be in the know what exactly we are doing with your website and your incoming links.

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Backlinks profile analytics. We will run detailed analytics on your backlinks profile, dynamics of growth, unnatural peaks etc.

Bad and spam links check. Each of backlinks will be checked for 10 parameters, we will determine bad and spam links.

Disavow file preparation. All bad backlinks will be added to the disavow file. If we notice that some domains have a lot of spam backlinks to your website, we will disavow the whole domain.

Webmasters outreach. In some cases we will need to contact with webmasters and ask them to delete backlinks to your website.


  • Lite
    • $ 499 Monthly
      • Incoming number of backlinks – up to 1000
      • Max time to recover – 3 months

    • Boost rankings
Best plan
  • Advanced
    • $ 999 Monthly
      • Incoming number of backlinks – 1,000-10,000
      • Max time to recover – 4 months

    • Boost rankings
  • Premium
    • $ 1999 Monthly
      • Incoming number of backlinks – 10,000+
      • Max time to recover – 6 months

    • Boost rankings

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All plans include

Backlinks profile analytics

Disavow service for low qualitative backlinks

Google search console analytics

Unlimited reconsideration requests

Detailed reporting

How it works

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to sign any contracts?

No, you don’t. We have no contracts or any other hidden tricks. You pay us monthly, and if you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Do you provide any guarantees?

Yes, we guarantee that we will remove all penalties from your website and you will see this at your Google Search Console. If we don’t remove a penalty, we will refund your payment.

What is the expected time for recovery?

It takes from 1 to 6 months to get recovered from penalties depending on the number of incoming backlinks and their quality.

How will you achieve the result?

We will analyze your backlinks profile, check spam score for every single backlink and then we will disavow the backlinks that have low quality. After this step is done, we will send a penalty reconsideration request to the Google team. We will repeat these steps until the penalty is removed.

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