SEO audit

SEO audit is a detailed report which contains all information about your strengths and weaknesses in the search engines and step-by-step manual of how to improve your visibility.

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Experienced team

We’ve been working on the SEO market since 2008. We have the experience in almost all niches and our first class experts are ready to provide you with the best SEO audit you can find on the market.

Versatile experts

Full-stack of qualified experts will work on your audit: from the project manager to the niche SEO-specialist and the professional certified digital analyst.

Result orientation

The only one goal we pursue is your conversions. We do everything to create report that will contain concrete instructions to boost your rankings, following them you will get as much traffic and conversions from the organic search as it is possible.

Perfect communication

After the work is completed, you won’t be alone with the document you get. We will answer all your questions.


Detailed report will consist of two documents.


1. The first document contains the list of current errors of your on-page optimization, list of broken links, technical issues list, competitors analysis, etc.


2. The second document contains the step-by-step guide, following it you’ll be able to improve your visibility in the search engines in short terms, eliminate lacks of your SEO-strategy and be one step ahead of your competitors.


After the work is done, we will answer all questions that you have.

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We know what you expect to get. And our SEO audit has all features that will satisfy your needs.

Comprehensive checklist. We make more than 100 different technical checks on your website in order to find all things that can affect your rankings.

Step-by-step implementation guide. We will provide you with the detailed step-by-step implementation guide. Just follow the recommendations and see how your rankings are increasing!

Detailed issues reporting. We provide a detail report on works performed, you will get comprehensive audit with the list of things you should fix and pay attention to.

Attention to details. The devil is in the details. We pay a lot of attention to all the tiniest details, because it is a key to success.

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  • Minimus
    • $ 499
      • SEO expert hours: 10
      • Digital analyst hours: 10
      • On-page analysis: 250 pages
      • Keyword research: from 100 keywords
      • Competitors analyzed: 3

    • Boost rankings
Best plan
  • Optimus
    • $ 999
      • SEO expert hours: 25
      • Digital analyst hours: 15
      • On-page analysis: 500 pages
      • Keyword research: from 250 keywords
      • Competitors analyzed: 10

    • Boost rankings
  • Maximus
    • $ 1999
      • SEO expert hours: 55
      • Digital analyst hours: 25
      • On-page analysis: 1000+ pages
      • Keyword research: from 500 keywords
      • Competitors analyzed: 20

    • Boost rankings

Looking for something individual?

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Every audit include

Implementation guide

Rankings checking

Competitors analysis

Site architecture analysis

KWs cannibalization check

Website speed check

User experience analytics

Inbound links audit

Technical audit

Outbound links audit

Linking strategy

Deep content analysis

Content strategy audit

Search console analysis

Broken links report

Internal linking optimization

How it works

Frequently asked questions

Do you provide implementation guide?

Yes, we provide the detailed reporting that will contain concrete steps of implementation.

How much time do you need to make an audit?

It takes 14 work days to complete an audit.

Can I hire you to implement the audit?

If you think that it is hard to implement audit by yourself, you can hire us and our developers, SEO-experts and other tech guys will implement audit steps.

Do you provide rankings stats?

Sure, we do. You’ll get a detailed table with the keywords your website is currently ranked for, and potential keywords that you can use in your SEO and content strategy.

Why do I need audit?

There are a few reasons. You want to estimate your current SEO-company work, or just want to get the guide to your team.

I don’t understand some points in report. Can you assist?

Sure, we provide you with the answers for all questions that you have after you get the audit.

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