SEO optimization of luxury product

SEO optimization of luxury product

So we took care of the electric vehicles center.

The center of electric vehicles based in Kharkov, Ukraine, and the SEO promotion should be throughout Ukraine. Unfortunately, the history of the project isn’t very good as previously they were promoted by other our colleagues in the digital marketing field. During our audit, additionally to errors in the internal optimization of the site, we found out a large amount of external reference mass of bad quality. Such external reference mass consisted of rental links located on non-thematic resources, therefore non-relevant organic traffic attracting. Plenty of such links negatively influenced the growth of positions. During the flow of this work, these links were replaced with high-quality links with thematic content.

We had conducted fully on-page SEO, fixed all errors and shortcomings and continued working with off-page SEO

Here are our results after 5 months of working:


Dynamics of attendance from organic traffic:


Analytics data

History of traffic and visibility changes in organics:

Ahrefs data