Types of targeting in Google AdWords

Types of targeting in Google AdWords

Correct selection of the target audience is one of the most important tasks while advertising work, because it will help to show your advertisement to the most interested audience and at the most suitable moment. Otherwise, you just spend money, showing ads to everyone in a row.

Types of targeting in the AdWords search network

  • Device targeting – allows you to select the device on which to advertise – mobile devices, computers, tablets. In addition, you can set bid adjustments for different devices.
  • Geotargeting – you can set up ads for users who are in a specific location. This will help you limit the display of advertising only to those regions where you operate, or where you deliver goods, etc. As a location, you can specify the country, region, city and a certain radius from the place of interest.¬†Also, in addition, you can choose the location options – set up the display of ads for only those users who are in the specified location, or who showed interest in it, and exclude locations that you do not like.
  • Language targeting – by selecting the target language, you specify the language of sites that users visit, and also specify the language settings for the user’s browser and his Google service accounts.
  • Keyword targeting is actually what triggers your ads on the search network. This is a list of phrases that describe the services you provide or products displayed on your site. The ad is shown as soon as the user clicks on the search phrase that you specify as a key. For selected keys, you can use different match types.
  • Audience targeting – allows you to customize the display of ads in accordance with user demographics (gender, age), and create remarketing lists for search companies. Depending on the selected settings for the lists, you can show your advertisement either only for the audience that is on this list and searches for the product, or for this audience and users who are just looking for your product at the moment.

Types of targeting on the Google Display Network

  • Device targeting – allows you to select the device on which you want to show ads, its model and operating system, as well as mobile operators. You can also set bid adjustments for different devices.
  • Language and geotargeting – provides the same opportunities as in the search network.
  • Keyword targeting – includes two options for using them – audience targeting and content targeting. In the first case, advertising is shown to users who are interested in or are looking for a particular product or service, as well as on sites, videos or applications that match these keywords. In the second case, your ads will only be shown on sites, videos and applications that match this set of keywords.
  • Placement targeting – allows you to collect and specify any specific pages, videos and applications where your ads should appear. For each of the listed places you can place your own individual bet, as well as use bid adjustments.
  • Topic targeting – this type of targeting allows you to show your ads on all sites that relate to the topic you specified. Allows you to quickly increase the number of impressions and clicks, as well as reach a fairly wide audience.
  • Targeted interests – allows targeting users who are interested in certain products and services. This type of targeting helps to increase brand awareness and attract potential customers who are interested in your products or services.
  • Targeting the audience of interested buyers – it makes it possible to show ads to people who are actively interested in the services or goods you provide in this period. Users can search for them on the Internet, compare, study information about them.

In your campaigns, you can combine several types of targeting to select the most suitable audience for you. However, it’s worth to be careful and not to forget that some combinations can severely restrict the audience and you can simply not get the desired shows.