CMS improvements

With our CMS improvement services, we will develop all necessary changes to your existing CMS depending on your requirements.

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Experienced team

Our developers and technical experts are aware of every tiniest detail about any popular CMS, and we know how to improve it based on your needs.

All-in-One solution

You will get all necessary services in one place: from web design to development of brand new features for your CMS.

Detailed reporting

After all the works are performed, we provide a comprehensive report which will contain the information about works performed.

Help and support

We will answer all your questions about the functionality of newly developed features and manual of how to use them.


After all the works are done, we will provide you with a detailed report with the list of works performed, and results achieved. We will provide you with a detailed manual of how to use newly developed features. Also, we will answer all questions that you have.

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Type of works that could be performed

Development of new features for your CMS

Integration with payment gateways and systems

Errors and incorrect CMS work elimination

Database optimization


Looking for something individual?

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How it works

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to make an estimation?

Usually, it takes about one day to make a calculation.

What is turnaround time?

It depends on the task. From 1 day with simple tasks to months in the case of huge tasks.

What payments do you accept?

We accept credit card and PayPal for payment of less than $5,000. For payments above $5,000, we can accept payments made via the wire transfer. For all transactions, we provide an invoice.

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