What do SEO-experts and how to build a strategy for the successful promotion

What do SEO-experts and how to build a strategy for the successful promotion

SEO promotion is a process that has overgrown a number of myths, rumors and conjectures, sometimes considered almost magic. In this article, we will open the curtain over the process of SEO promotion and tell you what exactly is happening with your project, which comes to our SEO promotion department.

Unfortunately, until now there is no magic button to bring the site to the top positions in the search engines, so SEOs have to use a lot of tools for optimization and monitor changes in the algorithms of the search engines. The choice of tools and types of work will vary depending on the stage of promotion.

Primary work with the site

In the first month of work with the site, the head of the SEO department will conduct an initial audit of the site and write his recommendations, after which the SEO specialists will proceed to the following stages of site optimization:

  • Selection of semantics depending on the country and focus, specialization of the site;
  • Adding a site to Search Console;
  • Checking the site for errors;
  • Generating a site map and checking for errors;
  • Compilation and placement of TDH (title, description, h1) on the promoted pages for keywords;
  • Search and elimination of duplicate TDH and technical takes;
  • Compilation of task for texts for copywriters;
  • Placing and styling texts on the promoted pages of the site;
  • Writing a task for creating additional landing pages and checking their readiness;
  • Recommendations for transferring the site to the https protocol;
  • Checking and writing recommendations for setting the human-to-human URL for site pages;
  • Writing recommendations for optimizing page 404, setting up “bread crumbs”;
  • Making recommendations on the elimination of the problems of speed of loading the pages of the site;
  • Recommendations for adapting the site for mobile devices;
  • Checking and writing recommendations for eliminating duplicate sites;
  • Advising on the integration of the site with social services;
  • Recommendations for optimizing images and headings H1-H6;
  • Consulting on the optimization of content (video reviews, interactive) on the pages.

A good list of works, is not it? Is this enough to successfully promote the site and quickly achieve results?

Why do we need monthly work on promotion and can we do without them?

In the first month of work, you will not be able to see any results from website promotion, as there is a lot of preparatory work. Such online stores as Amazon, Aliexpress, Iherb have grown to their current level not in one month too. As is known from the previously discussed topics, website promotion is a long-term process and requires constant work in this direction.

Monthly work will include work on internal and external optimization, an analysis of the results for the previous months and an adjustment of the promotion strategy depending on the actual needs.

Internal optimization of the site includes the following steps:

  • Responding to updates and changes to Google’s algorithms;
  • Monitoring the issuance of the search engine and the removal of the site’s positions;
  • Analysis of promotion and dynamics of the site;
  • Check the availability of the site and landing pages;
  • Check the site for duplicate pages;
  • Search and elimination of broken links;
  • Check for the presence of texts on the promoted pages;
  • Control of the correctness of meta data;
  • Checking the uniqueness of the texts on the promoted pages;
  • Additional analysis of the site and writing recommendations for finalization.

Works on external optimization of a site:

  • Analysis and correction of incoming reference mass;
  • Development of a strategy for increasing the reference mass;
  • Drafting a plan for the purchase of links and the purchase of links;
  • Verification of purchased links;
  • Creation of an actual anchor list for a month;
  • Update URL for purchase;
  • Search for quality websites for posting backlinks;
  • Checking and posting articles on reliable Internet resources.

Based on the results of monthly work, our SEO specialists compose a detailed report. Depending on seasonality and changing priorities, the work plan for the next month may be changed.

It may take about 8 months to reach a high competitive level but even then one should not forget about progress in order to keep its leading position.