Why do you need a website promotion or SEO benefits

Why do you need a website promotion or SEO benefits


SEO or search engine optimization is a key component in brand promotion strategy and products and services promotion. SEO allows companies to profit from the sale of goods and services by appearing on the first page of search results. Search engine optimization increases public awareness of the brand, the company as a whole, increases the activity of the website, generates potential customers, sales and profits for businesses.

How big is the search share? According to the SearchEngineLand company in February, 2010 (!), people searched phrases in Google 34 000 times a second. That means 121 million requests per hour or an incredible 3 billion a day. Of course, I need to make a remark here that these figures concern Google as a whole.

Among these 3 000 000 000 search requests a day, someone is looking for what your company offers or produces. There are many tools for analysis that let you know what words people are looking for.

Web-based traffic is also targeted, this is the advantage of search engine promotion! Many sellers will spend hour by hour, making cold calls to potential customers, almost all of whom either are not interested in the offered services and goods, or do not have the desire to buy them. Unlike cold calls, site visitors have already shown interest in visiting the site from the search. This means that they much more likely will be converted into buyers.

Targeted traffic also helps because people who visit can leave additional information about themselves, can request a phone call back, leave an email address for the mailing, indicate any other data while registering. So sellers can selectively and targetedly process this information saving many and many hours that could be wasted on cold calls.

SEO is also convenient because it can be measured. You can measure its effectiveness and impact. Traditional marketing is difficult to measure, compared to SEO. Systems like Google Analytics show you all the web traffic, visited pages, whether the purchases were made, the audience of visitors, the region of visitors and much more.

It is almost impossible to accurately measure the money return on banner advertising or ad on TV. When conducting an advertising campaign for search promotion, within just a few minutes or hours, you can analyze and see what tactics are working, what is effective, and make adjustments accordingly.

Website promotion is also an economically effective tool. Traditional marketing and advertising have higher costs than conventional SEO campaigns. At the same time, with huge expenses for such campaigns as advertising on television, radio or in print, a huge portion of money is wasted, as this advertisement will be viewed by a lot of people who do not belong to your target audience at all.

This is a clear problem of traditional marketing – an attempt to reach those few customers using large numbers of impressions and views. The advantage of search engine optimization lies in the fact that SEO is targeted only at the concrete audience. Instead of spending huge sums a month in the hope that 100 potential buyers will pass by a billboard, you can create an SEO campaign, for less money, to get customers just the moment they are ready to buy.

SEO is a powerful tool, both improving the image, recognizability, and for a significant improvement in sales. It is more cost-effective than traditional marketing, and can reach the target audience. Therefore, campaigns that ignore SEO, are at risk of staying out of the board.