Why don’t I see my advertisements?

Why don’t I see my advertisements?

“Why don’t I see my ads?”, “I don’t see ads on my site”, “Contextual advertising does not work” …

I think you could hear such phrases from clients, or ask them yourself too. Let’s consider why you still can’t see your ads in the search.


  • Account balance

Check if there is any money in your account. It is possible that the balance is settled, or you simply forgot to replenish the account and the ads stopped showing.

  • Campaign, Ad Group, and Keyword Status

Look in the settings of the campaign, groups, as well as in the reports for the keywords and ads, whether there are any suspended or not yet moderated. Maybe you are just trying to see your ad, on demand, which is inactive.

  • Impression planning

The situation is not excluded that, according to the established time schedule, the announcement should not be shown at this time.

  • Geotargeting

Make sure that the correct region for displaying ads is set in the settings. For example, if the settings indicate the display of advertising in Texas, and you yourself are in New York, then naturally you will not see the announcement.

  • Budget Limitation

It’s no secret that in any campaign a daily budget restriction is set. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to what kind of budget you have, especially if it is small.┬áThere may be several options:

  1. Your daily budget has already been exhausted and your ads have stopped running.
  2. The budget has not yet been fully spent. In this case, the ads are shown, but very rarely, because The system tries to distribute impressions in such a way as to show ads evenly throughout the day. In this case, there is a problem – due to lack of funds and a rare display, you lose clicks and as a result possible conversions. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how to increase it.
  3. Among the reasons why you do not see your ad, there may be settings of your browser or the extensions installed in it that can block such advertising. For example, your campaign is configured in Spanish, and the browser is English, then you will not be able to see these ads.

Well and one more reason, and at the same time and advice. Do not search your ad too often, because If there is a lot of impressions to the same user and there are no clicks, the Google system may decide that you are not interested in it and will not show it to you anymore.


And remember one more thing: if you do not see your ads – it does not mean that others do not see it. So first make sure that it really does not work by looking at the ad statistics or by using the diagnostic tool in Google AdWords.