YouTube advertising – types and purposes

YouTube advertising – types and purposes

To date, YouTube is the number one platform for users.

Someone is looking for some training videos, someone – news, and someone – just entertainment channels or movies. Some users at the same time are at home at the computer, and some on the road from a mobile device. Day by day the number of YouTube users is growing. And that’s why YouTube is becoming relevant as a platform for advertising for a wide audience.

By placing ads on YouTube you have the opportunity:

  • show ads to the largest audience;
  • to offer their products or to tell new offers to interested users;
  • control your budget, because The payment will be charged for the actual viewing of the video ad;
  • significantly increase the visibility of your brand.

To be able to place video ads, you need to create a channel on YouTube and link it to your AdWords account. It will also help you get the most detailed information about your potential customers – demographic data, how the user interacts with the video, and evaluate the effectiveness of video advertising. As an advertisement, you can choose any video that is uploaded to YouTube. It can be shown in search results, in front of other videos, on the video watch page. In advertising there may be the possibility of a pass, or it may not be.

Targeting opportunities on YouTube are similar to the Display Network – you can select specific keyword phrases, user interests, demographics, topics, and use the remarketing feature.

Let’s consider more in detail formats of video ads and where exactly they will be shown.

  • In-stream ad format. Ads are shown before, after, and while watching a video on YouTube, on partner video sites. You can skip this format in 5 seconds. The fee is charged if the video is viewed 30 seconds or full, if it is shorter.The recommended minimum duration is 12 seconds, the maximum is no more than 3 minutes. In the first 10 seconds, it is advisable to focus on your product or service in order to be able to attract an audience that skips advertising. Also do not forget to use all available features – add companion banners and calls to action.
  • Bumper ads. Short, informative and memorable videos up to 6 seconds, which are shown before, after or during video playback without the possibility of skipping. Due to the fact that these ads are short, they can be especially effective when displayed on mobile devices. The fee is charged for every 1000 impressions.
  • In-Display Video Discovery. The ad is a video thumbnail and text that can be displayed on the YouTube homepage, in related videos, as a result of a search, or on partner video sites.The text should contain a clear description and a call to action, and the video itself should contain a useful description or story. The fee is charged only if the user clicks on the video icon. When you click on the ad, the page for your channel opens.


Evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising video campaign in Google AdWords itself – here you can find full information on paid displays. Or similar information can be found in YouTube Analytics, but here you will find information on all the videos that are on the channel and therefore the general information may be different.